¡Vámonos de cañas por el Madrid más castizo!

¡Vámonos de cañas por el Madrid más castizo!

¡Vámonos de cañas por el Madrid más castizo!

Few things can beat an afternoon of reeds with friends, especially when the heat starts and we go from terrace to terrace. And although in Madrid there are places of all types and for all tastes, our favorites are the most chaste. Those who have no more pretence than to be authentic, whatever they wear at the time and that never go out of style because they are timeless.

As in Eturel we know that it is the best time to leave terraceo, we will review the most chaste tascas of Madrid to go with reeds. You already have a plan for this weekend!

Almeria Tavern

Calle de las Aguas, 9 (La Latina - Puerta de Toledo)

De cañas por el Madrid más castizo

In the most "cañero" neighborhood par excellence, especially on Sundays, there is a tavern that conquers anyone who visits it, not only for the authenticness of its atmosphere, but for its varied and very good weeds. The Almería tavern is a long-time tasca, with no more pretensions than offering well-thrown reeds and good quality tapas and fillings at more than popular prices. Not forgetting the good service, which makes you feel like in the bar of your village. Parishioners are neighbors of the neighborhood, although their reputation has run like gunpowder and it is possible that if you go at rush hour you will find it quite full.

Sanlúcar Tavern

Calle San Isidro Labrador, 14 (La Latina)

De cañas por el Madrid más castizo

We do not move from Latin and continue the route visiting a corner that allows us to cover in Madrid more chaste as if we were in Cadiz itself. The décor is the same as we would find in an Andalusian tavern in any corner of the South, which makes Sanlúcar even more special. Its table-like barrels and wooden stools remind us of its past as a wine repository, and its cheerful staff never loses their good mood. The clientele, like all authentic tasca, is composed of regulars who live in the neighborhood, although in the peak hours of tapas can be filled, so it is advisable to go early to enjoy the visit without burdens.

Although we like to pipe, we cannot miss the opportunity to try a Solear chamomile, alone or in rebujito, to transport us south between sipping and sipping. And of the way it couldn't be otherwise, the tapas and rations couldn't be more gaditanas: Cordoba salmorejo, shrimp pancakes, Huelva prawns... Their frying takes away the feeling and the prices are suitable for all pockets.

Almond Tavern 13

Calle Almendro, 13 (La Latina)

De cañas por el Madrid más castiz</div>o

Away from the most central streets of the neighborhood, but giving castizo character to La Latina, the Taberna Almendro 13 offers Spanish tapas and ration cuisine with nods to its Andalusian origins. The décor is practically the same as that which was wore by its walls when it opened in 1898 as a warehouse for nuts and baubles. Our recommendation: potatoes with salmorejo and ham, you can't leave without trying them! In addition, its threads with a wide variety of fillers are famous. Oh! And he goes to what he's going to do: there's no refreshments. So, continue with the reeds or try one of your Andalusian wines. We?

Bar Peyma

Ambassadors Street, 39 (Lavapiés - Ambassadors)

De cañas por el Madrid más castizo

Who doesn't know the Peyma, with its suede clock on the facade, the San Fernando market in front and one of the best known corralas in the neighborhood next to it? This bar of cane and lid elbowed in the bar, is one of those classic cafes where, the same you have breakfast a coffee with their homemade churros that you share for dinner a few rations of croquettes and octopus. Its strong point is its terrace, we love to sit on the solecito and have a fresh cane with its lid to replenish our strength!

And here, as the night makes its way without realizing it, we put an end to the route that we propose by the most authentic tascas and bars of one of the most chaste neighborhoods of Madrid. Would you add any more?

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