Tardes al sol con las vecinas

Afternoons in the sun with the neighbors

* Photo Todo Tembleque

There is something in the life of the people that inspires. Maybe it's your calm. Or maybe its naturalness when it comes to enjoying the day to day. But the truth is that its essence is difficult to reproduce. Or maybe not? Eturel was born under the Toledo sky of Tembleque , a town in which life takes its time and customs are maintained. And that is the source from which our brand drinks, trying to capture colors, textures and shapes in handcrafted products.

* Eturel Madrid

The tradition of the countryside comes to the city

If there were a way to describe Eturel, it would be the updated country tradition that reaches any corner, even the most urbanites. The pieces that we create are designed and woven taking inspiration from the rural world and the fabrics that adorn the houses of the small Toledo town of Tembleque , linked to the countryside and Nature.

That purity and simplicity that characterizes rural life is what permeates the designs and fabrics of our collections, which do not renounce tradition, always keeping in mind the tastes and needs of life in the city. Because you don't have to live in a town to love it and want to enjoy all the good it offers.

Those afternoons in the sun with the neighbors, that walk to enjoy the calm of the sunset, that stopping to chat without having to run from one place to another ... In short, the village life that allows you to get the most human side of the routine and how much is missed in the city. That is what Eturel means.

Ilsutración: Gustavo Pérez

* Illustration Gustavo Pérez Ruiz

What is Eturel made of

The objective of Eturel is to rescue the life of the town, the afternoons in the sun with the neighbors, the endearing harshness of the countryside and the leisurely life of the town, bringing these to the present and to the urban world. objects and fabrics that have accompanied us since childhood and that we are so passionate about .

Our raw materials are very resistant, natural textiles with a long tradition in the Spanish agricultural world such as jute, burlap, alpujarra or canvas, made in Spain with which we make 100% handmade products, which are handmade in our country.

The products we create at Eturel They are aimed at those who love the countryside, warmth, rural Spain, the sun, traditional crafts and centuries-old fabrics that have accompanied us for generations throughout history. We want you to meet us!

* Photography and Doquiier Props

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