Pueblos manchegos con encanto para una escapada veraniega

Charming Manchego villages for a summer getaway

Summer is here and, although it is time to take a vacation,or we cannot go to places as idyllic as we would like or our responsibilities (or our budget) do not allow us to enjoy the days off as much as we would like. But who said it takes 12 hours of plane to relax and visit spectacular sites? In today's post we will propose five charming Manchego villages for a summer getaway that you will fall in love with. Best of all, if you only have a couple of days off, you can feel like you've gone on a vacation trip. Started?


Alcalá de Júcar, Albacete

Pueblos manchegos con encanto para una escapada veraniega


Three hours from the center of Madrid is one of the most spectacular charming Manchego villages: Alcalá del Júcar. Surrounded by Nature, their houses excavated in the mountains, forming narrow streets that fall in love and culminate in an impressive castle that crowns the sickle shape that Jucar has in its embrace to this little village. It looks like a postcard from another time, and its medieval bridge reminds us of its origins: in its time it was the Camino Real that was used to cross from Castile to Levante. Ideal to relax with the quiet routine of this type of Manchego oasis, cool off in its river when it tightens the sun moreand enjoy its gastronomy, do not leave without tryingits typical "Atascaburras"!


Ruidera, Ciudad Real

Pueblos manchegos con encanto para una escapada veraniega

All those lovers of nature and outdoor sports will find in the lagoons of Ruidera their paradise. Perfect for the summer months in which the body asks to be soaked, this village, just two and a half hours from the center of the capital, offers the visitor all kinds of activities:enderism, horseback riding, scuba diving, caving, etc. But there are also very interesting cultural activities, such as the Quixotesca route, which departs from the neighboring municipality Ossa de Montiel and shows some of the places where Cervantes located al Quixote, such as the Montesinos Cave or Rochafrida Castle. As always, the best of all is on the plate: traditional, family cuisine and to enjoy without haste.


Belmonte, Cuenca

Pueblos manchegos con encanto para una escapada veraniega

Cerquita de Madrid, less than two hours from the center, is this place that makes us travel back in time: Belmonte. Declared 'Spain's most beautiful village' in 2016, its hallmark is its majestic star-shaped 15th-century castle,although it is full of architectural gems that leave its mouth open. Birthplace of Fray Luis de León, it is ideal to relax walking through its quiet streets and enjoying its traditional gastronomy, reminiscent of its pastoral roots, among which stands out the game meat or the typical sesarriero. Sweets can't leave without trying the alajú, an indigenous sweet made with honey, almonds and breadcrues. Our advice? Take the opportunity to visit it during its patron saint festivities in honor of San Cristobal (July 17).


Siguenza, Guadalajara

An hour and a half from the center of Madrid is a charming village, and is that this medieval villa preserves all its history in the fabric of the streets of its historic center, its castle, its Cathedral, its walls or its Convent of the Ursulinas. In addition, the natural landscape that surrounds it is spectacular, one of the favorite places of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, ideal setting for hiking and freeing ourselves from the stress of routine in the city. Finally, he stands out for his traditional Manchega cuisine,which they then ask for a nap of, so the most foodies will enjoy its wide variety, which includes Michelin Star award-winning restaurants. Who could resist a getaway in this corner that has it all?


Consuegra, Toledo

Pueblos manchegos con encanto para una escapada veraniega

The landscape of Consuegra is dreamy. Its giants crown the horizon on Cerro Calderico and its castle accompanies them to make us feel like the ingenious hidalgo himself. This small Manchego corner has a long history and part of it is under its historical case: Consuegra was one of the most prosperous cities in the entire Roman Empire. And it is not surprising because, today, practically all the products consumed here are produced here: vegetables, eggs, saffron, honey, fruits... You can buy them and get a delicious souvenir. But first, we propose you to taste its typical dishes from its revolutionary gastromolino,with shop, open kitchen and take away. Take advantage of its great Medieval Festival to visit it in August, you will fall in love!


Special mention to our people: Tembleque

Pueblos manchegos con encanto para una escapada veraniega

In Eturel,our greatest inspiration is our people: Tembleque and the tradition that permeates its streets. Its main square is one of the most beautiful in the entire Mancha and its wooden balconys in contrast to the whitewashed walls, give it that peculiarity that attracts the attention of own and visitors. Strolling through its streets immerses us in a more leisurely past time, in which things were done with patience, love and care. Therefore, in addition to visiting the characteristic windmills that surround it, you can not fail to visit its spartan museum and its ethnographic museum.


Have you already decided which one of them to choose to take a break from the busy daily life and enjoy a mini restorative holiday? Don't think about it anymore, this weekend, pack your bags, fill your bag with just what you need and leave your watch at home.


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