Ideas para regalar a la mejor madre del mundo

Regalos para la mejor madre del mundo

Every day should be Mother's Day because what wouldn't they do for us? We will never be able to thank them for all their unconditional support and their love, so when a day as marked as the first Sunday in May arrives we break our heads trying to find a gift at the height of our mother who, of course, is the best in the world.

As we know that at this point you can no longer think of what to give him, we want to inspire you with a few very Eturel ideas that will leave him with his mouth open. Started?

Ceramics of the most original

We know how important it is for our mothers to have a nice crockery that leaves diners open-mouthed when it's time to celebrate a special occasion. That's why we have an ideal gift for all those mommies who enjoy gathering all their loved ones around the table. The handcrafted ceramics of 'La Oficial' are not only the original and full of color. Best of all, it's sold to weight! A unique proposal in the neighborhood of La Latina to which we are sure that you will return many times.

WHERE?: La Oficial Ceramics, Calle de la Ruda no 9 (Madrid)

Ideas para regalar a la mejor madre del mundo

Unconventional jewelry

We know, there's nothing more typical for this date than jewelry. But in Eturel we would never advise you to make a soulless gift. That's why we propose to take a tour of these classic accessories and opt for a different option. Guille García-Hoz's studio specializes in interior design, but in addition, his passion for beautiful things leads him to create unique ceramic pendants that are perfect to show your mother how special she is.

WHERE?: Guille García-Hoz, Calle Pelayo no 43 (Madrid)

Ideas para regalar a la mejor madre del mundo

Nature in its purest form

Did you know that among the many benefits of having plants at home is that they reduce stress? Plants, whatever they may be, have the ability to make a cold space cozy. In addition, it allows us to surround us with Nature even in the heart of the city. So, the perfect gift for all those mothers who have their house full of plants and enjoy taking care of them you will find it in Planthae Botanical Cabinet. In its shop in the heart of Lavapiés you will find gardening tools, books specialized in the care of plants and even courses and workshops. But also, why don't you complete your gift with one of our Eturel baskets? They are ideal to dress the pots and will fill any corner with color.

WHERE?: Planthae Botanical Cabinet, Doctor Fourquet Street No. 30 (Madrid)

Ideas para regalar a la mejor madre del mundo

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