Habitaciones divertidas para los peques de la casa

Fun rooms for the little ones of the house

Habitaciones divertidas para los peques de la casa

Children are the joy of our house and we love to pamper them. They're so special that we want them to have all the best. Therefore, when it comes to decorating your room we put all our creativity and our love, with the aim of getting the best space in the world for our children. If you are thinking of redecorating your little one's room, we give you a few keys to get a functional and fun finish that you will love.

Start with the most important thing: painting

Habitaciones divertidas para los peques de la casa

One of the central elements in the decoration of the children's rooms is the color of the walls. It's about creating a unique and special space that's fun and welcoming. You don't have to follow the style of the rest of your home. That is, if the walls of the other rooms are white or have neutral colors, the same thing does not need to happen here. Think of the children's room as a different world in which the only rule is that there are no rules, you have to have fun! So, skip all the standards: give it a lot of color, combine different printed papers, draw an amazing mural, paint the ceiling as if it were the tent of a circus... everything is allowed in order to create the room of dreams of the little ones!

Life is a party!

Habitaciones divertidas para los peques de la casa

Life is a party for the little ones in the house. And if not, it should be. Their space has to be full of color and joy, to convey to them that in that room they only have to worry about being happy and having a good time. In addition to color and textiles, a decisive element to achieve that fun atmosphere are garlands or banners. Every day will be a party!

Carpet is a centerpiece

Habitaciones divertidas para los peques de la casa

Kids love to throw themselves on the floor and play carefree. Therefore, we must choose textiles that allow them to enjoy their toys comfortably, and protect them from the cold in the winter months. Choose carpets that are fluffy but easy to clean because liquids such as juices or soft drinks are likely to spill, and chocolate stains will be practically a staple. So, be functional and opt for sturdy fabrics that can be cleaned without having to take them to the dry cleaners. And as for the colors, follow the same rules as before: no rules!

Save toys in style

Habitaciones divertidas para los peques de la casa

Although the children's room is designed to play and have a good time, you have to teach them how to pick up the toys when they're done. But that doesn't mean keeping toys in place is boring. The most fun option for them to always have them at hand and also give an original point to the decoration of the room, is to place them in fun baskets. They have a lot of advantages: they are very resistant, you can place them in any corner and they are easily cleaned in the washing machine. Can you ask for more?

Blankets and cushions to make it cozy

Habitaciones divertidas para los peques de la casa

At Eturel we are in love with textiles, especially traditional ones. And we know they're key to making a house, a home. And they become even more important in the rooms of the little ones, because we want them to be comfortable and warm. With the union of tradition and originality in mind, we have created our Eturel Baby line,with easily combinable textiles for a fun and unique finish. A tip: combine our pieces with some simple uns printed elements so as not to over-recharge the room.

A space for creativity

Habitaciones divertidas para los peques de la casa

Finally, we must not forget to create a space in the room so that the little ones have fun exploring all their creativity. To do this, place a table and one or more chairs in case friends come to play or share a room with their brothers, which is sturdy and easy to clean. But above all, choose furniture adapted to children, with the height and measures necessary for them to move and use them comfortably and without any risk of harming themselves.


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